TVMOBiLi Review

This week TopNetTricks looks at the TVMOBiLi media server.

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Installation is simple and only takes few minutes. You will be asked which folders should be in the server library and for an email address/password. The email address is used to back up your media database, for sharing, and for remote access. You must create a login account to complete the installation.


If you stream less than 10GB per month the service is totally free. If you need more, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version. The Pro version is the same software without the usage cap. (Usage tracking is likely the real reason for needing to open an account during installation.) The cost for the Pro version is US$30 per server. This is a one-time cost.

Typical Usage

We estimate that 10GB is may be enough if you play only music on your DLNA player. If you play any serious amount of videos, you will quickly reach that limit and have to upgrade. TVMOBiLi comes with a “Stream-o-meter” on the homepage that keeps track of your usage so far this month.

The TVMOBiLi footprint is 12.7MB of memory. It does not allow you to stream media from shared drives like those on Network Access Storage devices or Homegroup computers. If you need to stream from those, you will need to install the server software on those devices as well. If you go past the 10GB allowance on those devices, you will need more licenses.

TVMOBiLi Review: Free vs Pro comparison

Feature Free Pro
Unlimited Streaming N Y
Monthly Allowance 10GB Unlimited
Lifetime License
(You will never be asked for another penny!)
Region Encoding N Y
Stream Photos, Music, and Videos Y Y
Access your media remotely
(From anywhere in the world)
HD Streaming Y Y
Free transcode file tool
(transcode your content on the fly when required)
Dynamic Media Engine Y Y


Learn more about how video file types and how much bandwidth you need to support them: Video File Formats for Media Servers and Players.

User Interface

During the TVMOBiLi review, we found the user interface was found to be a bit clunky. For example, the top user interface looks like this:


Clicking on the last item “My Computers” takes you to their site to display your server licenses. The top menu now changes to:


There is no menu item to get you back to the TVMOBiLi interface. You must go backwards on your browser. If you close the browser, there is no easy way to get back to the user interface. If you deleted the desktop icon  created during installation and are using Windows 8 (without the Start button) you will have a hard time finding how to bring the user interface back up.


TVMOBiLi offered everything you would expect in a DLNA media server

  • Sharing folder selection.
  • Transcoding.
  • Easy to use menus for the player.
  • Remote access.
  • No DLNA player filtering.
  • No menu customization.
  • Does not support live streams.

Screen Captures

Folder Selection Screen:


Content Screen:


Settings Screen:



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