14 Free DLNA Media Servers for Windows

List of free media server software that lets you stream media to DLNA media players from a Windows PC. Open source media server software is completely free. Free trial media server downloads are listed here too. This is the most complete list of DLNA streaming media servers on the web.

How to Set Up Your Windows 8 DLNA Media Server

The quickest way to set up a DLNA media server is with Windows Media Player in Windows 8. It’s a great platform if you are just testing the waters and don’t want to spend much on DLNA equipment. It’s also a great way to test if your home network is ready to run multimedia applications. Learn to control who can access your media when you take your laptop to the office or coffee-shop.

How to Set Up a DLNA Media Home

Want to learn about setting up a home media server? Are there standardized solutions for the consumer market? Is my home network ready for media? Why is DLNA certification important? What parts make up a multimedia solution? How do I connect my media player to my sound system and TV?