How to Stream Media from D-Link DNS-320 NAS

This post shows you how to stream media from D-Link DNS-320.

The D-Link DNS-320 is a very affordable Network Attached Storage device that is a UPnP AV media server as well. The ShareCenter 2-bay network storage enclosure can house 2 disk drives of up to 4TB each. The enclosure has 2 SATA interfaces for hard drives, one USB interface for a printer of external drive, and a 1Gbps Ethernet network interface.  It lets you share files, documents and media across your home network and over the Internet with family and friends. The NAS is can also be used for backing up all your computers. There’s a great article on getting files from your WD NAS when you are away from home.

The drives can be configured as JBOD, RAID 0, or RAID 1 configuration. Files on the server can be accessed through FTP, CIFS, NFS and WebDAV. Each user account can be set up with storage limits. No matter how you set them up, you should look into backing up your NAS to a cloud storage provider.

1Finding Your DNS-320 on the Network

The first step is to log in to the DNS-320. The DNS-320 uses UPnP to announce itself to the network. So you should easily find it by looking in Windows Explorer for a device with a name like “dlink-xxxxxx” where xxxxxx stands for the last six digits in the MAC address. The MAC address can be found here:



A MAC address looks like this “AC:F1:DF:12:29:C5”. So the name in this case would be “dlink-1229c5” unless you changed it in the setup screen. You can see this name in Windows Explorer by clicking on “Computer”. It will have a media server icon on it.


2Logging into the DNS-320

The next step is to use your browser to login to the DNS-320. You will need the name of the device. Either you will have gotten it through Windows Explorer, have used the MAC address to find it, or -you may have already changed the device name during the initial configuration. Now type that name in the browser address bar like this “http://dlink-1229c5” using the name you got in part 1. It will bring you to the DNS-320 login page. If you get a warning like the one below, just click on “Proceed anyway”.



When you get to the login screen, enter your username/password combination. If you haven’t changed it, the default username is “admin” and the password is left blank.

3Setting up  Media Sharing and the Media Folders

From the ShareCenter console, click on Management, Application Management, and Multimedia Services. You will see the following screen.



Click on the arrow beside “UPnP AV Server Settings” and make sure that “UPNP AV Server” is Enabled.

4Adding Media

To add media, from Windows Explorer type the name of your server in the Folder Name area. Then navigate to the folder specified in the above screen capture. Just drag and drop your media in those folders and your DNS-320 will find them and make them available over your network.

5Stream Media from D-Link DNS-320 to Windows Media Player

Open the media player and you will see, under “Other libraries” the name of your media server. Click on it and navigate through the content just like you would on your local drive. Unfortunately, my DNS-320 didn’t automatically update the library after I added the files. So I had to go back to the screen in step 3 and click on the circular arrow next to the drive name. Apparently, on some versions of firmware, the Idle Time setting can interfere with the automatic updates. But I did not find that it made any difference.



Learn more about how video file types and how much bandwidth you need to support them: Video File Formats for Media Servers and Players.

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How to Stream Media from D-Link DNS-320 NAS to Windows Media Player
How to configure the D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter NAS for media streaming to PS3, XBox, Windows Media Player, or any other DLNA player. How to discover the DNS-320 name over the network.
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  1. Robb says

    I was wondering what firmware you are using because I don’t have the same menu system as your images. I am on the latest version 2.03 and my menus don’t look anything like these pics. Also I was wondering if this is allowing streaming on a PS3 or a Google TV box (such as a logitech revue).

    • Andre Roberge says

      It seems DLink has two versions of the DNS-320. Revision A firmware is at ver 2.3 and revision B is at 1.01b02. So you have an “A” and the interface is different but their website says it can “Stream digital content to compatible media players such as the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, or D-link’s Boxee Box.” It may look different but i expect the menus work the same way. You should be good to go.

  2. Mark says

    What I need to know is PRECISELY which 4TB drives will work in the unit so that I can buy that drive.

    • Andre Roberge says

      You can download the list for devices running the B2 software from DLink’s website. It actually works with a lot more devices than on this list. These are just the supported models.

  3. says

    Does this dlna server support subtitles streaming in UTF-8 format? (i want to stream greek subtitles) i am almost ready to buy this as long as it supports subs streaming

    • Andre Roberge says

      The specsheet says it can play .srt subtitle files. It also says that the iTunes server supports a variety of languages including Greek. So I don’t see why it wouldn’t. But you need to make sure that the media player supports it too.

  4. Sergey V says

    Hi, I got a message “Resreshed fail” at p.3 above when trying to add a folder to the list. My schreen is different as Bob mention above but don;t believ this could be a problem.

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