Stream Media From A Windows 8 Media Server Over The Internet

After setting up your Windows 8 PC as a DLNA media server you might want to stream to your media over the Internet so that you can get at it when you are away from home. You can do that in Windows 8 using Windows Media Player without downloading any additional software. There are three basic steps to set it up:

  1. Get a Microsoft login
  2. Configure the both PCs for Microsoft logins
  3. Configure the Windows Media Player player on both PCs
  4. Enjoy

Step 1 Get a Microsoft Login and Configure the PC

You probably set up a Microsoft login account when you started up Windows 8 the first time. If not, you can create a free account at

Step 2Configure the both PCs for Microsoft logins

Next you need to set up your Windows 8 server and player PCs to use the Microsoft account you just created.

  1. Drag the mouse to the lower right corner of your screen and the “charms” will show up. Click on “Change PC Settings” to get the PC Settings screen.
  2. 01

  3.  Then click on Users, Switch to a Microsoft account
  4. 02

  5. Then type in your account name (email address for that account).
  6. 04

  7. Type in your (local account) password.
  8. 03

  9. Then type in your Microsoft account name and, on the next screen, your password.
  10. 05

  11. Then click on Finish.

Repeat these steps to configure the Microsoft login on the other PC.

Step 3Configure WMP on the Home Media Server PC

  1. Press on the Windows key and start typing “Media Player”,
  2. 06

  3. and click on the Windows Media Player icon.
  4. 07

  5. From the media player screen, select Stream, Allow Internet access to home media,
  6. 08

  7. then Allow Internet access to home media.
  8. 09

  9. Click on OK and you are done.
  10. 10

Step 4Enjoy

When you bring up WMP on either the remote PC you will see, under Other Libraries, the media on the home PC and can start playing it while you are away.
If your remote PC is running Windows 7 you can download some software from Microsoft that will let you login to your Microsoft account. You can find this software here.

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Stream Media From A Windows 8 Media Server Over The Internet
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