Home Gigabit 802.11ac WiFi

Gigabit WiFi  (802.11ac) is the fifth generation of WiFi. Gigabit WiFi networking is now available for home use. Get the extra speed that you need for sharing even the most bandwidth intensive media in your home and lightening fast file transfers. Most vendors have Gigabit routers for the home market at reasonable prices. Is it […]

Android Media Controller for Media Streaming

Android tablets make a great remote control for media players. Applications like BubbleUPNP have free versions that let you browse through a music collection and send the music to your media player without turning on your TV. Navigation on a tablet is a lot easier than going through screens on a TV to find the music you want.

Twonky Media Server Review

The Twonky media server often comes bundled with NAS devices. It is not a media center or home theater software, it is strictly a media server. It provides transcoding support for a large number of file types. This Twonky media server review is brought to you by TopNetTricks. Twonky media server can be downloaded here. […]