Home Gigabit 802.11ac WiFi

Gigabit WiFi  (802.11ac) is the fifth generation of WiFi. Gigabit WiFi networking is now available for home use. Get the extra speed that you need for sharing even the most bandwidth intensive media in your home and lightening fast file transfers. Most vendors have Gigabit routers for the home market at reasonable prices. Is it […]

Android Media Controller for Media Streaming

Android tablets make a great remote control for media players. Applications like BubbleUPNP have free versions that let you browse through a music collection and send the music to your media player without turning on your TV. Navigation on a tablet is a lot easier than going through screens on a TV to find the music you want.

How to Set Up a Dorm WiFi Network

Building a dorm WiFi network is easy. All you need is a router/access point. Most dorms will give you an Ethernet connection to your room. Many will not provide WiFi connections. If you need a WiFi connection here’s how you do it. Configuring Your Router Your router needs to be configured much the same way […]

How To: Design a Home Media Network

When designing a home media network speed is of the essence. Use these guidelines to make sure that you have the highest speeds possible: Part 1: How To: Build a High Speed Home Media Network Part 2: How To: Home Media Network Speed Check If you would like to see which media server is right […]

How To: Build a High Speed Home Media Network

The demands for home media network performance increases as we move towards richer multimedia content. As we move from music to YouTube to NetFlix to HD video home media networks need to keep up and need occasional upgrades. Which of your components need upgrades and which ones are still adequate? Where is the weakest link in […]