How To: Home Media Network Speed Check

Is your home  media network ready for media streaming? Find out what kind of media you can stream on your network.

  1. gives you a good test for the Internet connection to your home media network. Make sure that your PC is directly attached to your router and that you are not going through a WiFi or PowerLine connection. If you find that your Internet speed is too slow for the media application that you want, you will need to upgrade your service or change your ISP. There is a small possibility that a slow router may be the problem.



  1. To test the speed of these connections you need two PCs and some software. LAN SpeedTest Lite together with LST server from Totusoft that lets you run a server part of the application on one PC and a client on the other or run the test from the client to a mapped network drive on your NAS.
    1. Connect the server to your router and connect the other PC to the far end of a PowerLine device to take this test. Then start the server and go to the client.
    2. If you are using a mapped network drive, make sure that the drive is mapped and that Totusoft is configured for it. If you are using the server option, then enter the server’s IP address. The client will start sending a file to the server. The server’s only job is to return the file. The client increases the send rate until packets start getting dropped. That is the speed of your network.

    Totusoft Home Media Network speed test

  2. WiFi connections can be rated exactly the same way as PowerLine connections. The server PC should be connected to the router and the client PC should make use of the WiFi connection. Make sure you try it from wherever your media station is located.

Compare your speed to the table here and see where you stand.

If you would like to see which media server is right for you look at our reviews for ServioTVMobili or NAS. Also, don’t miss how to Use Windows Media Player as a DLNA media server,

Continued… How To: Build a High Speed Home Media Network

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  1. Kartik says

    Hi good information. But I have some doubts. please help to clarify.
    In my download rate is very good , say 10-15Mbps. But upload is very bad , say 0.5Mbps only. Does it matter anything if I want to play videos from my mobile or laptop to the MI TV box I want to purchase?
    I mean to ask, does the upload speed of ISP matters for my home media setup?


    • André Roberge says

      Upload speed is usually a lot less than download. That’s how ISPs try to block users from hosting webpages at home. Its also a limitation of the technology used. But upload speeds in the range you mentioned should be more than adequate.

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