What’s a DLNA TV?

What Can You Do With A DLNA TV?

DLNA TV definition: DLNA TVs are TV sets with a built-in DLNA media player. They come with software that lets you watch IPTV content such as AppleTV and NetFlix, do social networking, and play media from your home media server.

DLNA TVs come with an Ethernet port to connect to your home network. You’ll also need a high-speed Internet connection. DLNA TVs come with their own software developed by the manufacturer which is usually Linux-based. Consumers must use manufacturer supported applications. This limits the amount of view-able content. Content sources include NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon video-on-demand, VuDu, Pandora, YouTube, Roxio CinemaNow and others. Choice of content provider is also limited by local regulations.

Learn more about how video file types and how much bandwidth you need to support them: Video File Formats for Media Servers and Players.artboards


Here’s a short list of the lead vendors and their DLNA TV offerings:


2 Gaming Consoles


3 Media Players


Pros and Cons


  • Player is integrated in your entertainment system: fewer pieces, fewer connections, less maintenance, easy setup
  • Stuck with vendor software and content sources
  • May even have to pay for certain apps to run on your TV
  • Media player technology will keep improving faster than you’ll want to change your TV

2 Gaming Consoles

  • Fine if you already own one but they cost you much more than an appliance
  • I find my XBox fan extremely loud which makes watching movies less enjoyable
  • Gaming consoles draw way too much power

3 Media Players

  • Cheap, easy to replace when the technology changes, works with all your existing equipment
  • Can easily be “modded” to add tons of extra features
  • Set up is more complicated: A/V wiring, power, may need some software configuration
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