14 Free DLNA Media Servers for Windows

Free Media Server Software for Windows

These media sever reviews will save you some time:

Setting up a Windows PC as a media sever comes out a lot cheaper than buying hardware. But hardware solutions like NAS are much more convenient. You should read:

Before getting started though, you should check if your home network is ready for media streaming:


This list is a compilation of all free DLNA media server downloads for Windows that you can get for free. Trial software is mostly commercial and will either give you partial features or will work only for a limited time. Free media server software is mostly open source and is totally free. Some of the open source players, like XBMC, are very advanced and definitely competitive with commercial ones.

Free Downloads

Trial Software

Free DLNA Media Server Downloads for Windows: Post-31-2013-05-15

Hardware based Media Servers

Media Players/NAS

  • QNAP
  • Western Digital
  • Iomega
  • Dlink
  • Buffalo
  • Linksys
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • NetGear
Article Name
14 Free Windows DLNA Media Server Downloads List
List of free Windows DLNA media server software that let you stream media to media players from Windows PCs. Open source media server software is completely free. Free trial media server downloads are listed here too. This is the most complete list of DLNA streaming media servers on the web.
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  1. Asher says

    I’m looking for a media player that I can use with my dlna TV that have mor controls than just Play, Pause and Stop.
    Can you recomened on one ?

    Best Regards

    • André Roberge says

      I use WD Live and it has FF, Rev, pause. Roku products do to. I would expect that most media players have that feature.

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