Fixing Chromebook Internet Problems

Chromebooks don’t come with a lot of tools for troubleshooting Internet problems. It can be hard to tell if a connection problem is with the Chromebook or the network. These steps will help you find out what’s wrong with your Internet connection and how to fix it. You’ll see that Chromebooks have a few hidden diagnostic features that can help you find network problems.

When trying to figure out network problems its always best to start with the PC or Chromebook that’s having the problem and work your way outwards to the Internet. The following steps will walk you through the process and show you some Chromebook features you probably didn’t know about along the way.

Internet Troubleshooting

The first step is always to try another website. If you can connect to other websites then the problem is with the website and there isn’t much you can do about it except wait for them to fix the problem.

Cabling and WiFi Issues

The next thing to do is always to check the physical connections. If you are using Ethernet and don’t see any flashing lights on the Chromebook’s Ethernet port, then you should check the ports and try another Ethernet cable. If using WiFi and you don’t see the Wifi icon in the icon tray (bottom right corner) then you need to double-check your configuration; you probably got the wrong network name, security, or password. (Make sure you haven’t turned off the WiFi -on mine it’s <Fn>F11 that will enable/disable WiFi, yours might be a switch or another key combination.)

Chromebook Internet Troubleshooting

Home Network Problems

1Assuming you’ve done all that and still can’t connect you should check to make sure your Chromebook got an IP address from your router. To check its IP address, open up the settings menu like you did above, click on the “Connected to” line, and click on the (i) icon in the lower right corner. The IP address will pop up. If you haven’t got an IP address then you are not connecting to your home router so you need to check your home network. Other devices in your home are probably having the same problem.

Chromebook Internet Troubleshooting

2The next step is to make sure that the Chromebook knows that the home router is the way out to the Internet. Now we get into some of the hidden features of Chromebooks. Press <Alt><Ctl>T to get to CROme SHell (crosh) which is the Chrome operating system. Then type route -n

crosh> route -n
/0 Kernel IP routing table
/1 Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref
/2         UG    1      0  
/3   U     0      0

You should see a destination of with a Gateway. Your gateway will probably be like mine but may be different. The gateway is your home router and the Chromebook must be able to reach it to get to the Internet. If you don’t see a default gateway then your router is mis-configured.

3Make sure that the Chromebook can reach the gateway by typing ping (or whatever your gateway address was).

crosh> ping
pid: F98F12B9C4ED720D657F2730BE221B1F
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=64 time=7.62 ms
64 bytes from icmp_req=2 ttl=64 time=4.48 ms
64 bytes from icmp_req=3 ttl=64 time=14.0 ms

[sam id=29 codes=’true’]

Press <Ctrl>C to stop the screen from scrolling after you see a few lines. Your output should be something like that above. The times should be below 20ms. If you can’t reach the gateway, then your problem is with your network.

Service Provider Problems

Now let’s see if we can get past the home router and off to the Internet In the crosh tab, type tracepath

crosh> tracepath
pid: 73A2AA457E525361874DCE460D6CBE9C
1:                                          0.160ms pmtu 1500
1:                       4.762ms
1:                       8.855ms
2:  no reply
3:                                      285.458ms
4:                                        148.265ms

You should see a bunch of names and IP addresses that are not from your home (192.168.x.y) like the above. If you see that and still can’t get to your website then your Chromebook and home network are both fine. Either the site is down or there’s a problem with your Internet Service Provider.

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How to Fix Internet Problems on a Chromebook
Can't get your Chromebook connected to the Internet? These tricks will help you find if the problem is with the Chromebook, your home network, or your service provider. Discover a few hidden diagnostic commands.
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  1. Kevin says

    Hello. I recently bought a samsung series 3 chromebook for its compact and light weight aspects to do schoolwork. Two days and no issues, and now on the third, if I go to a bookmark, or type in a web address; anything for that matter – even ebay, it will say that familiar: “not connected” or something to the effect of “opps, google could not find that address.” If i hit refresh, then it works fine and loads the page. Do you know if this Is this a problem with my device, or Chromebooks in general?

    • André Roberge says

      It’s unlikely to be a problem with the chromebook. Network connections either work or not but generally don’t half work. From your description it sounds like a DNS problem. Have a look at your DHCP server configuration to see which DNS it uses and if you have multiple DNSs set up. When in doubt, you can always use as a DNS IP.

  2. sharon says

    hey thanx, but nothing worked for me. my laptop, cell & tablet all connect to my home ntwrk without problems. even when i went to crosh “nothing” came up at all on screen.then i tried tracepath an i got a 1 send failed with a pid#.
    i did get clean diagnostics (auto), for everything yesterday, even pinging the gateway.
    “i think i just found the problem though! you should maybe add it to your “tips”?!
    an HTTP – CAPTIVE PORTAL was found on my network! (unrestricted access to internet is blocked). ya prolly know all about that? i did have networks available an all other tests were fine. also the test found this website;
    “,” type; “text/html” . . . it might be the Captive Portal’s site, users gotta view and interact with before accessing internet. sounds wierd, a Tmobile thing perhaps??? lol.
    i’ll check out the address tomorrow, i’m crashing as i speak! lol. will update ya but i feel it has somthing to do with Tmobile wantin me to get more data first (even tho its suppose to be separate). i do have my own hot spot i use. . . .
    C ya! =)

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