Android Media Controller for Media Streaming

There are lots of great uses for Android tablets and phones. These devices can be used as media servers where they share media to other phones and tablets. They can be used as media players. But my favorite use is as an android DLNA media controller for remote media streaming.

Android DLNA Media Controller

My all-time favorite use for my Android tablet is as a media controller for streaming media. You can use a tablet to stream media from your media server to your sound system or SmartTV. You need a media player like those from Roku, Western Digital, or D-Link attached to your sound system or TV (unless you have a SmartTV). From your android tablet you can scroll through your complete library and choose the music you want to play. Then you use the tablet to send your selection to the media player. This makes it easy to play music even if you don’t have a TV connected to your sound system . Even if you do have a TV connected you don’t even have to turn it on to stream music. The Android tablet is the controller for a jukebox with all your music an videos on it. Its a lot cheaper than proprietary home music consoles.

There are lots of Android apps that you can download for free like BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA and UPnPlay that let you turn your tablet or phone into a remote controller for your media.

Here are a few screenshots from the BubbleUPnP controller. This is where you select the media server and media player:

TopNetTricks Android media player server/player selection


The library browser lets you select your media:

TopNetTricks Android media library selection


And when the media is playing you can see the track information and album cover.

TopNetTricks Android media now playing


Read this TopNetTricks article if you want to learn about DLNA Media Devices and How to Set Them Up. If you want to learn more about how to set up a home media network read this article. Or if you want to set up a Windows media server  or other free media servers.

The Android tablet or phone can be a video controller too. You can use your it as a remote control to send videos to a SmartTV or a TV connected to a media player. Once the video starts you can use the Android device to stop and pause your video. But if you are streaming video then you need to turn on your TV anyways. So you can just as easily scroll through the menus to pick your media through your TV and the Android media controller feature is not that interesting.

Android Media Clients

Another use for Android tablet is as a media client to play media directly from a home media server without downloading it and using up all that precious memory.

If you want to take your music on the road, you can use Google music and upload all your music. You can then get to it from anywhere. Better yet, there’s an Android App called Cast To UPNP/DLNA that lets you stream your Google Music to your media player without a NAS. Some media players and SmartTVs have similar apps.

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Remote Control for Your Media Player using an Android Tablet
Android tablets make a great remote control for media players. Applications like BubbleUPNP have free versions that let you browse through a music collection and send the music to your media player without turning on your TV. Navigation on a tablet is a lot easier than going through screens on a TV to find the music you want.
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